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24 de may. de 2013

Diy Jewelry Tea Stand

Hi everyone. This tutorial is about  making a jewelry stand made by tea cups  dishes. Its really 
easy and it doesnt take so long to make it. At least 15 min. I recomend u to  buy the
 things in vintage stores so it wont be expensive. I love it cuz  i dont usually wear 
jewelry and what i have fits there. So for me its perfect.
  The only thing u need is…
  •  2 dishes of tea cups and
  •  a wake base ( u can find a lot of designs and sizes) 
  • and transparent glue

First, you need to glue the base on top of the dish and wait 5 min. without moving so it can
stay there well, then glue the secon dish on top of the other one, the last one  needs to
your  help cuz that one doesnt have support, try not to move it to 
have a perfect result.

And there you have your Jewelry Tea Stand – ready to be put your things

23 de may. de 2013

DIY Hanging Crochet Plant

Una bonita idea para tener colgadas tus plantitas por toda tu casa.
    - Un mantelito crochet 
    - Cuerda o hilo de bordar en los colores de su elección
    - Macetita de cerámica,vidrio, como tu quieras.

  Pueden ser tan largo como tu quieras, solo asegurare de que los hijos sean lo suficiente 
gruesos para soportar la planta.

Me encantan, podría tener muchas plantitas colgando por toda mi casa y mi cuarto.

17 de may. de 2013

The Fabulous Frozen Factory

After finals that we worked sixmonths at school and we are dead, my friend and  I decided to 
take a relaxin time and we visited a new ice-cream shop with a new concept, they
 make it with nitrogen. 
I loved the place and the concept
Ever day is good day for ice-cream

Located in San Pedro

16 de may. de 2013

Handmade wedding ♥

      A few days ago I made a photo shoot in a Friend´s wedding and I loved their simple reception, 
about the deco was amazing. The Candy Bar looked like a dream, had everything that
 you  may crave.  Was completely beautiful, a Real Wedding of Blog.
        She is my pretty sister...   

Photography by: Alva Trejo
Deco by : Cristty Mcfly

12 de may. de 2013

30 de abr. de 2013

Diy Mason jar watering can

    Hello all of you.  You know I love the mason jars, I could use them for everything, at all times and    well... watering my   plants.  I realized my watering can is very large for some plants, so I created
 a small one with my favorite manson  jar, it is very easy to make and very useful.

    Only needs:
  •  A jar with lid
  • Hammer
  • A Clove
    and that´s all.

Enjoy it!

29 de abr. de 2013

I love being there

I love the garden of my friend Angie, I love being there, is very quiet and relaxing

She cooked salmon burgers, the best I've eaten in my life! 

We got the idea to make a gig or event at her beautiful garden, we
really hope to organize it soon.
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